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Uptown Florist
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Joseph IngoldJoseph Ingold
15:04 21 Dec 23
Ordered flowers on Tuesday. They called and said there are delays and it would be sent Wednesday. Still not delivered. No response to emails. They do not answer the phones. Mailbox full. 100% scam! BEWARE AND DO NOT BUY HERE!!
K. PadK. Pad
23:14 03 Nov 23
Fraudulent business posing as a legitimate florist. Deceptive practices by advertising as Rylee Rose Creations.Paid $90.04 for flowers never received.Number for Rylee Rose goes to automated mail. Uptown Florist number just rings and rings. Can’t dispute or requests a refund from a business that doesn’t answer their phone.Avoid these “businesses” at all costs.Disputing transaction with bank.Cherokee CO SO needs to investigate this “business” for Theft by Deception.
Mary B. VentressMary B. Ventress
15:07 10 Oct 23
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS BUSINESS. IT IS SHUTTERED BUT THEY STILL CONTINUE TO PROCESS YOUR CREDIT CARD IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER ON THEIR WEBSITE. My credit card was charged but the flowers were never delivered. Uptown Florist never answers their phone nor responds to their e-mail. Beware.
Erin ManningErin Manning
15:34 30 Aug 23
Wish I could give this place 0 stars!!! It’s a scam or a front for illegal activity - they take your $$ but don’t deliver the flowers! Make sure you read reviews before you order! Also why does a local flower shop have mail from 1800Flowers 🤨
Nathaniel DealNathaniel Deal
14:16 08 Aug 23
Never delivered the flowers, won’t answer and emails or phone calls. Had to dispute the charge with my bank
Daniel MinnearDaniel Minnear
15:51 02 Aug 23
No indication that my flowers arrived on time. No luck calling them. Crazy expensive, figured I'd at least get some high teir service. Not the case. Should have just gone to Kroger and bought a discount bouquet and then scratched a note on an Index card. Would have saved me some money.
Gena SayejGena Sayej
16:20 31 Jul 23
I am absolutely appalled that this florist is still in business! I take 100% responsibility for not reading the reviews because clearly I would've known what I was in for! I paid $150 for a bouquet (with a delivery upcharge to be delivered by 1pm) that never got delivered. On top of that, they won't respond to email or answer their phone. I am out of state and was trying to buy local. This was an important gift I was sending and the fact that they completely scammed me and messed up an important milestone with absolutely no regard is truly disheartening!I will be disputing the charges and hope this review, along with the others, deters anyone from using this shop! What a shame to the community!
Deanna McElweeDeanna McElwee
00:12 12 Jul 23
If I could give 0 stars and save 1 person from being ripped off as we were that is my purpose is wasting time writing a review for a company that clearly has no regard for their customer and non pride in their work!First off we were charged $19.95 for a card which was never received, $10.95 for a delivery fee which the delivery was late and we were blown off until about an hour after trying to reach someone I shared our experience in a local community FB page.Once the bouquet which cost $192 was delivered they were awful!! I would have been embarrassed to deliver these to a customer.As you can see by the photos I took them back to the florist today and they are not even open! A neighboring business told no one is ever there, but how would anyone know because they don’t answer the phone, voicemails are full and they do not respond to customer calls, emails or texts.Such a rip off!!
Chris BowenChris Bowen
10:32 29 Jun 23
I ordered flowers 2 weeks ago. No response to my messages. The delivery address is 10 min away from there shop. 100% skip these people. Go order somewhere else.
Kim SimmonsKim Simmons
12:58 06 Jun 23
Josh WoodbyJosh Woodby
21:49 15 May 23
I am extremely disappointed. I ordered flowers for Mother's Day. I never received a call or email saying they were ready to pick up on Saturday, and when I called them they didn't answer. I called many times without any answer. By the time I decided i would go stop by the store, they were already closed (open 10a-12p Saturday). First of all, who is open for only 2 hours the Saturday before Mother's Day? I emailed them Saturday, and no response. I emailed them Sunday, no response. I emailed them Monday, no response. I have called a hundred times all day Monday, no answer, not once. I expect a returned call or email reply soon, or I will be going through the credit card fraud route. Never again, unless you can make this whole and just issue me a refund.
Heidi ZellmanHeidi Zellman
16:15 03 May 23
I placed an order with this florist in late February 2023, for an early March 2023 delivery. I called Uptown the day the flowers were to be delivered and got no answer, so I left a voicemail. I never received a return call. The flowers were never delivered so I disputed the $100+ charge with my credit card company. Uptown responded fraudulently to my credit card companies inquiry saying the arrangement was delivered. The flowers were going to a gated secure community, no one received this arrangement. Do not trust this florist! Look elsewhere. As you can see they have many negative reviews, trust those reviews! I wish I had looked before I did any business with Uptown as I am still fighting the charges!
Megan CohenMegan Cohen
21:27 18 Apr 23
Paid extra for expedited shipping for them to arrive at the office, which they never arrived. So the flowers were changed to be shipped to our house, also never arrived.The flowers arrived over a day late to the first address only to be left outside the front door in the sun, since the office was closed.To top that. Order was completely wrong and miss-advertised. Currently fighting for a refund since this has been nothing but a headache. Stay away from this florist, waste of money.
Cory HuntCory Hunt
22:06 08 Mar 23
Flowers that were ordered were never delivered on Valentine’s Day. I have called and called and no one answers. The 3 times that someone has answered the phone for the last month have said they would issue a refund and I have still not gotten the refund. I have reviewed this store once already and the review was removed.
Walt MarquesWalt Marques
18:44 15 Feb 23
Horrible experience! Ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. The flowers never came. I called twice to confirm the delivery and they assured me that it would be delivered and it never was. I called the next day and they said their vehicle was involved in an accident but they never let anyone know that happened as I waited for the flowers all day. Never coming back here!
Monita HeathMonita Heath
17:51 30 Apr 22
The arrangement was awesome personally arranged to the colors and flowers wanted to create personal arrangement it was amazingly beautiful.. there work and honestly was superb.. will be using them all the time going forward…
Joshua H.Joshua H.
06:40 28 Mar 22
My mom received the sunflower and roses arrangement today and she was so happy to be on someone's mind, she's been posting about it all day on Facebook! Your shop is really thoughtful and the extra attention you gave her really made a difference! I cannot thank you enough. I will never forget, and never shop elsewhere! Thank you-Grateful Son
Miranda AbbottMiranda Abbott
02:01 15 Feb 22
I am super impressed with UpTown Florist on Valentines Day. The arrangement was gorgeous the flowers were fresh and the service was amazing. I will be returning for all my floral needs.
Adam WilsonAdam Wilson
17:55 12 Oct 21
I used a third party site to order a premium Vibrant and Bright bouquet for my wife for our anniversary. What I recieved was anything but premium. I am not sure if this is an issue between the site and the florist who fulfilled the order, but this did not come close to my expectations. I have included pictures of what I recieved versus what I ordered. The number of flowers and fullness of the bouquet are clearly not in alignment with what I ordered. Perhaps an order direct from the florist would have been a better result, but either way I was left with a dissapointed wife for her Anniversary. I did recieve a full refund from the site, but that does little to remediate what should have been a lovely surprise for the one I love most. Better luck next year I guess...
Life With AngelLife With Angel
16:48 19 Apr 21
They arrived on time. However, the arrangement and vase is not at all what I ordered. See photos attached. Color, type of flower, and type of vase do not match. I called and emailed several times, and no would answer or return my emails/calls.I m gave two stars because they were on time. But I was very dissatisfied with the product and the lack of customer service. I won’t order from this company again.——Update. I changed my review from a 2 to a 3.Today is one week after the delivery of my original flowers. After one week of waiting, I was delivered beautiful flowers that match what I paid for.I had to contact the store manager via their Facebook page. She mentioned we’d get new flowers the next day. When those did not arrive, she said that I should have been contacted. They were out of sunflowers. She apologized and said they’d be delivered the following day. They weren’t. Then I let her know. Today they have finally arrived.I mentioned I’d change my google review if they made right on their wrong.But since communication and timing was so poor, and it took a week longer to get what I paid for, I’m only giving 3 stars, even though this arrangement is beautiful.